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The Jubilee – From Bobby – The Tregolls Dog

Posted by on June 27, 2012

Hello again everybody!

The Jubilee – From Bobby – The Tregolls Dog

Well, just to let you know that after being out of action for while, I’m back! I had been struggling with my hind legs, so after Mother took some advice I had my cruciate ligaments operated on. Maybe it was because of a little extra weight or maybe just plain old bad luck.

So, I have been at Penroy’s boot camp for convalescence. This is a lovely place where there are chickens, gardens, a donkey called Anna, leather sofas, lots of rabbits, a little pal called Penny Poo and a Jack Russell who bosses me about. Her bad luck was to fly off the edge of a cliff and break her back leg because she had no reverse gear. Nevertheless, she still can’t get out of a rabbit hole!

However, I wanted to tell you about my trying weekend at Tregolls and how fed up I was over the Jubilee. Not only did it rain but all my people in the house were inattentive to me, as they were drinking champagne, turning up the volume on their televisions and getting thoroughly soppy.

Most irritating of all was that pesky cat that came in wet through, on my shift and was on the charm offensive getting lots of love, attention and warm laps! The deal he and I have is that I do the day duty and he does the night, it’s simple, otherwise he gets chased!

There have been flags and bunting flapping all over the place, as you can see in these pictures…

Tregolls Manor Care Home During Jubilee Celebrations

Michael has planted the gardens out in red, white and blue flowers, which makes it really lovely for me to sit out in the current ‘Truro in Bloom’ winning garden and do a spot of socialising with the residents.

The Chefs, who look after my lunch, have just had a super new stainless steel fridge put in the lower kitchen (Champers and puddings in it, darling!). It is so big that it took nearly three hours to get the thing in! The Environmental Health Inspector was no push over. We did have ‘a big thumbs up’ but I did overhear that Michael has to get his paintbrush out and repaint the kitchen, rather him than me I’d say!

There have been flags and bunting flapping all over the place…



The order of service at lunchtime is our guests eat first, then I get my lunch after they’ve gone, then the Staff have theirs prepared by the Chefs, according to the menu of the day. I tell you, it’s good here!

I do have a busy time of it. There are so  many friends and guests arriving all the time whether it be to deliver food, check meters, visiting family, delivering post, asking for jobs, District Nurses and G.P.’s, care workers, physiotherapists, chiropodists, hairdressers ……I can’t wait to get home, growl at the four Golden Hamburg Bantams that Mother loves and then lay back and relax.

Sue and Carol my lovely Housekeeper friends always have treats for me in their pockets like gravy bones or rawhide chews. I keep them company while they clean, vacuum and change beds and see to the laundry. It’s all too much sometimes, a lie down and a snooze sounds really good.

She who must be obeyed, Mother, is in her office testing out Skype, which is some new fandangled technology or other. Apparently this is for the guests to have a chat with their family and friends, very cool.

I can feel another sleep coming on already. The best place is under the linen table cloths in the Dining Room where I have my control centre and weather eye.

Oh yes, the owners came to visit this month, which was great as they came all the way from Italy and Canada to see us. They are good people and very kind and proud of their Company. They are buying a brand new Mercedes Viano to transport our lovely guests in more comfort. The owners are also having the hall, the stairs and the office redecorated and the hoist bathrooms re-carpeted. Then they had to go and have a sleep after spending so much money in one afternoon.

That’s all for now dear readers, so until next time….

With love, Bobby
The Tregolls Dog



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